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Accidents involving bio hazards are extremely dangerous to anyone who may be exposed to the elements. Proper removal and bio hazard clean up is necessary to create a safe environment following an incident. To be prepared in a bio hazardous situation it is vital to have the right tools and materials. e-first aid Supplies carries a wide variety of bio hazard and hazmat products and kits to ensure a thorough and effective clean and containment of the hazardous material. Our products can help protect yourself and others from toxic waste in dangerous situations.

  • Value: e-first aid Supplies offers bio hazard and hazmat products that can save a life or prevent disease if used properly. Being prepared for a bio hazardous spill is a necessary measure in any situation where an incident may occur.
  • Quality: Hazmat and bio hazard products of the highest grade are offered through e-first aid Supplies. e-first aid Supplies carries many name brand items including Blood Buster, S.O.S., Biozide, Sanizide, Biozyme, and Safetec.
  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies provides a multitude of products for safe bio hazard precautions. We have assortments of fabric cleaners, spill clean up products, bio hazard bags, containers for sharp contaminated objects, surface cleaners, and personal protection products.
e-first aid Supplies provides everything you need for bio hazard and hazmat clean up situations. We have bio waste bags, fabric cleaners, spill clean up kits, and surface cleaners which may prove useful in a bio hazardous situation.

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