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are tools derived from tongs that are used for picking up or manipulating small objects that cannot be handled by human hands. In scientific terms, tweezers are referred to as forceps and generally serve the same purpose- manipulating very small objects. Besides science, tweezers have a diverse range of uses including personal care, medical care, and general uses such as gold panning or stamp collecting. However they are most commonly used for removing facial hair/splinters, working with small machine parts or handling medical procedures.

Fieldtex offers a variety of the best tweezers to fit your needs. We carry stainless steel tweezers which are commonly used as eyebrow tweezers and for removing other unwanted facial hair. They are ultra light and perforated to guarantee a non-slip grip. These stainless steel tweezers are also ideal for a professional engineer, technician or manufacturer because their composition allows them to withstand corrosion and their fine tips allow for precision in pick-up and placement. Our lightweight plastic tweezers are ideal when handling delicate parts that metal tweezers could possibly scratch.

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