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Sturdy, quality bandages are necessary for proper healing of a wound as well as protection from foreign objects that could infect it. e-first aid Supplies provides quality blue metal bandages to create a sterile and sturdy environment for the wound to heal in. e-first aid Supplies offers many other types of bandages if the metal detectable variety does not meet your bandaging needs.

  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies offers metal detectable bandages in multiple sizes depending on your wound and wound location. We offer knuckle metal bandages, fingertip metal bandages, and traditional shaped metal bandages.
  • Value: High quality metal detectable bandages are offered through e-first aid Supplies. The correct bandage selection can make a great difference in the healing and protection of a wound.
  • Quality: e-first aid Supplies carries high quality metal detectable bandages. All of the blue metal bandages are Carebrand name products.
Metal detectable bandages are ideal for wounds in areas that are frequently moving as they are flexible and durable. Our metal detectable bandages are also great for refilling products in a Fieldtex first aid kit.

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