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Personal protection kits consist of products to protect you from spills or blood borne pathogens. These items include a protective gown, gloves and facemask. e-first aid supplies also offers personal protection kits that contain items that are used in the clean up of biohazard materials. Each kit has products that are specially selected for an incident that would require meticulous clean up. Spill cleanup is very important to avoid the passing of contaminants or pathogens.

  • Value: e-first aid supplies personal protection kits are necessary in situations where a hazardous spill occurs. The products in these kits are the best way to protect yourself while cleaning a spill as well as to protect others who might have otherwise come into contact with the contaminants.
  • Quality: Our personal protection kits are comprised of the highest quality e-first aid supplies products. Our kits are packaged at our facility with brand name first aid supplies and sent directly to you to assure customer satisfaction.
  • Selection: Fieldtex personal protection kits come in a variety of sizes and contents depending on your needs. We offer a basic personal protection kit as well as a large personal protection kit in addition to a dual blood borne pathogen kit and blood borne pathogen protective apparel.
Fieldtex personal protection kits contain all of the products you need to clean up hazardous bodily spills while protection yourself.

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