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Skin staplers are used both by surgeons and EMTs routinely. There are some wounds that are dramatically wide and need immediate closure. Other times there are wounds that can be held together better by larger staples rather than stitching. Applying stitches takes time. From the head to the hand, a surgical skin stapler can be used to help the healing begin after a serious injury.

  • Value: e-first aid Supplies is dedicated to providing skin staplers and other surgical equipment that is of the highest quality and competitively priced. Whether youre preparing for an emergency or resupplying an operating room, we offer you the best selection at the most competitive price.
  • Quality: e-first aid Supplies skin staplers are dependable and feature an economical construction. Fewer parts make for less that can go wrong, meaning you can safely help those in need without having to worry about your equipment faltering.
  • Selection: e-first aid Supplies has a selection of skin staplers that are here to suit whatever preference you have. Each is disposable, and can be equipped with either fifteen or twenty-five staples.
Toss them away when you are done, and open up the next package when needed. We also offer skin staple removers, which are also disposable, sterile and easy to use. Apply and remove staples with equipment that is dependable, disposable and affordable.

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