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Accidents happen, which is why it is important to have a spill cleanup kit on hand to safely dispose of hazardous materials such as chemicals, blood or other body fluids. When a spill happens, the last thing you want is to contaminate yourself or others by trying to clean up the accident- keep your workplace and home safe by purchasing one of our Spill clean up kits or products today. Fieldtex offers a variety of products and kits that safely and effectively cleanup cytotoxic drugs, hazardous chemicals, body fluids, blood, water-based fluids as well as coffee, wine or grass stains.

We know that a spill cleanup can be scary and stressful for those involved which is why our kits make for easy chemical spill cleanup and disposal with minimal exposure. The kit includes a solidifier, nitrile gloves, safety shield, gown, scoop and scraper, wiper pad, sharps disposal container, bio-waste bag/tag and an absorbent sheet. In addition to the kit, we offer a variety of products such as Red Z Fluid Control Solidifier.

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